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Our Vision
The goal of Hedgeye Cares is to help strengthen local communities by providing reliable support to children and families in need. We have a special focus on non-profits that promote higher education aspirations of young people through scholarship, community involvement and athletics. More broadly, as an employee-driven organization, we aim to support charities that our employees are particularly passionate about and involved with.
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"We recognize that we’ve been enormously blessed. We are grateful for the opportunity to give back."
- Hedgeye CEO, Keith McCullough
Charities Supported
Hedgeye Charaties Supported
Wylder Nation Foundation Donation
In June Hedgeye Cares made a donation to the Wylder Nation Foundation to support a 2-year old boy diagnosed with a rare and fatal genetic disease called Niemann-Pick Type A (think baby Alzheimer's). The donation was made directly to the Wylder Nation Foundation (501(c)3) and red circled specifically for Purnell’s treatment.
Group Home Fall Clean-Up
Hedgeye Cares volunteers spent a day raking leaves, cleaning up brush and planting bulbs for a DOMUS kids boys group home in Stamford, CT.
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About Hedgeye Cares
Hedgeye Cares, Inc. is a 501(c)3 recognized charity organization dedicated to supporting causes and giving back to the community we live and work in.
The formation of Hedgeye Cares was inspired by employees of Hedgeye Risk Management who are passionate about helping their community and feel a fundamental responsibility to have a positive impact. Hedgeye Cares contributes to non-profits that assist with and address vital community needs. We have a special focus on groups that provide educational and sports opportunities that foster intellectual, physical and social development for youth.
Board of Directors
Keith McCullough
Teri VanNoy
Vice President
Michael Blum
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